Crazy Rich Asians, a surprise hit?

I must say that indeed I am surprised of the recent success of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Normally, a movie with a majority Asian cast doesn’t do well. Or, some might say that there hasn’t been that many to begin with. The last movie I can recall with a majority Asian cast was ‘Joy Luck Club’ from so long ago. I was just a little boy back then. Yup, that long ago.

Based on a bestselling novel by Kevin Kwan, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, even so exceeded my expectations. Perhaps, Hollywood truly is really to embrace minority films. But, only the future can tell.

I guess you really can’t predict success in the film industry.

Many loved the movie so I must acknowledge the great job the producers have done to make this film a success.




The Science-Fiction Experiment

I guess it can be concluded that keeping up with a blog can be challenging at times. I do, in my mind, sometimes just forget about blogging. It’s not that easy keeping up with the times. Working and writing is strenuous and I find myself just napping after a long day at work. I forget about blogging.

I have, however, been doing some writing. I decided to adopt writing a story all in pen and paper to get back to my roots. My writing career has gotten a bit stagnant and I must re-evaluate my approach to writing in order to have more a sustainable writing career.

I am trying a stint in Science-Fiction. I actually had the idea for the story a long time ago. I never attempted the unfamiliar genre(at least to me) because of my fear of crossing over to a different genre. But, right now, I will be ready to go for it. Why not?

I must really catch up with some Science-Fiction books, but movie-wise, my favorite Sci-Fi film is “The Fifth Element”…..

Dear Readers

Things are getting better and I have started to write once again in very short stints.

Thank you all for your support.

I have been doing way too much thinking lately. And, I must say that I am very grateful for having such great friends who had been there to tell me, “Hiya, everything will be alright.”

Those words, I know, we can all tell ourselves, but hearing it from good friends, it just has a much different vibe. It becomes heart-warming and filled with love. And, with that, it fills this writer’s heart with all the joy in the world.

Humbly yours,

Russell Pennwright



With nothing to do after a hard day, I went out to watch a movie, “TAG”, a film based on a true story. I thought it was going to be some lackluster film with wannabee funny guys, but it turns out that I really enjoyed the film. Some of the actors did look familiar, but some of them didn’t quite ring a bell in my mind.

Although I could totally understand if some people might think this is a superficial film, but it is overall a feel good movie about friendship. And, who wouldn’t enjoy a movie about real friendship?

We are not talking about “Goonies” in which a group of friends go on an adventure. This is deeper than that. It actually makes sense for a couple of friends to play this game. But, probably not to this extreme…..

Which reminds me. This makes me want to watch “Goonies” again.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


The movie far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely watch it for the second time to get a second view on it. It was different from all Jurassic movies in a sense because it beckons the questions of animal rights. This has been an issue for as long as history has been written itself. When you watch the movie, (I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen the movie), you will indeed get a glimpse of the issue exploited in the film.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, enjoy. For those you have seen the movie, it would be interesting to know your thoughts.

Another Day

The writer

I haven’t had much presence here as I did in the past. I have been writing  most of the time, trying to finish another novel before the year ends. The novel tests my knowledge of what I know about economics and somewhere in between, as I strive to sway away from the action genre to more emotional-based stories that people correlate with.

I haven’t even really tried to market my novelette, “Peter’s Will”, as much as I wanted to. I forget to advertise and stuff like that. I really should be getting my things together. But, I get so in-tuned with what I am writing that I just forget to do anything else.

On my free time, I do listen to music:

The Paperback Dilemma



It has occurred to me, while on my Kindle experiment, having your fiction work only available on Kindle is quite challenging in itself. I found out there are many people who actually don’t have kindle. Some have Nook or Kobo. And, many don’t have e-readers at all. Sure, there is always an option of reading the e-book on the computer screen in the amazon cloud reader available on its site. But, not many actually know that.

Not having my book “Peter’s Will” on paperback has made it limited in its availability because I know for sure that I could have sold about 10 physical copies of it already. I learned something this week. It probably isn’t the best idea to limit your fiction work just available in one format.

I will probably end up making it available on paperback.


A Quote

Writing-writing.jpgIt takes a unique kind of person to want to sit all day and type words on the computer or write with a pencil or pen on a piece of paper and consider it fun. People who think this is fun are writers.