My New Short Story



To learn more about Alzheimer’s click link


My new work of fiction, which I plan to publish exclusively on Kindle, will be ready soon. I am just working out the quirks. A simple story, which is roughly about 13,200 words, it is about love and the consequences of ignoring a loved one who may have the disease.

I wrote this story because I wanted to share a story, and, at the same time, make people aware of the disease. I hope to publish the novelette by Tuesday or Wednesday. If I am somehow unable to do so by then, I will perhaps delay it until next week.







Need Advice


I am in a bit of a dilemma. There is a part in my short story that the news is on and a reporter is narrating.

My question is: is the reporter’s words ITALIZED or should it be in BOLD lettering?




Show Dogs


Show Dogs couldn’t have picked a worst time to open than May 18th, only because it is the same day “Deadpool 2” opened. As you can imagine, the theater was all full when I went in today to see “Show Dogs”. I mean, the theater was packed and 95% of the people were there to see “Deadpool 2″…..

I didn’t follow the pack and decided to watch “Show Dogs” instead. I will, to be honest with you, somehow watch “Deadpool 2” in the future. Maybe even tomorrow, if somehow a friend calls me up and tells me he or she wants to watch the movie that bad.

I was in the theater and there were 8 people in the showing of Show Dogs at 1:30 pm. Maybe, I should’ve watched the other movie instead, I thought. But, as the movie went on, I found myself laughing and enjoying it. So, yeah, if you want a family movie rather than an ‘R’ rated gory film, “Show Dogs” is not a bad alternative.

Retelling of Overboard



Yesterday night, after dinner with friends, I watched “Overboard”, a new retelling of the original movie with the same title that starred Kurt Russell and the beautiful Goldie Hawn. I loved the original, so naturally I wanted to watch this remake starring Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris.

An accomplished actor and comedian, Derbez is naturally funny. Anna Faris, with her odd humor, fit in with the role of a single mother raising 3 kids by herself.  But, my enthusiasm ends there.

The reason why I didn’t like the movie as much is that it seemed forced. It didn’t have any of the flow of the original: simple and sweet, but yet funny. Part of the problem, I think, is that there are too many characters. It just seemed scattered, although it did have many funny moments. If however, Derbez’s character had been the billionaire magnate himself (and not his father) who then figures that the life he had been living would no longer make him happy, the flow of the story could have been better.

I don’t really know the reason why they decided to make such a change from the original, but it wasn’t a good change because in many more ways than one, this is a totally different movie than the original, not because of the cultural aspects, and not even because the roles were reversed. In the original, it was rich woman, poor man. In the remake, it was rich man, poor woman. It is different because of the added characters that clouded the point. The point was to have this woman fall hopelessly in love with this man. I didn’t feel that, although it was indeed the point they were trying to make.

If you are looking for a good laugh, it may be a movie for you. But, if you are looking for a love story, this is not on the level as the original.

In other words: where is the journey that the two actually fall in love?

The feeling I got was that she was sorry about what she did and found him convenient. 
















Can’t Stand The Heat



As some of you know, I do have the craving for Romance novels lately. It has been pretty reachable for me because I have been using my Kindle a lot more than I had in the past because I just love the feel of turning the page of a physical book.  But, now, Kindle is like the new thing for me.

The novel that I had just finished was written by Peggy Jaeger, an author that I had found in, you guessed it: Twitter, on one of those Shout My Book posts. There are several reasons why I have been reading works in the romance genre. But one reason is that I am starting to integrate myself in the genre as I myself am writing a romantic/drama piece. I have been writing action/adventure and mysteries for awhile that I had never ventured in the romance genre before.

What better way to learn than from the best in the genre? And, Peggy Jaeger is one of the best. I love her writing so much that I can’t wait to read another one of her novels.

First, as a Film Major, the main character’s profession of executive show producer hooked me. Normally, because it brought back a few memories of my production classes about 12 years ago. Second, I just love the main character, Stacy Peters. Actually, I was enticed immediately by her strong personality from the first page.

“Can’t Stand The Heat” is a love story that just keeps you hooked. Her crisp setting descriptions make it so that you actually feel that you are standing beside the characters as they slowly develop feelings for one another.

As you already know, I don’t like to spoil anything for readers and prospected audience of a new movie, so I will not go in further detail about the novel. But, I can tell you this: I love “Can’t Stand The Heat”.

Ender’s Game


With much talk about Ready: Player One, it got me kind of interested in the sci-fi genre. And, it reminded me of Ender’s Game.

Ender’s Game was a novel written by Orson Scott Card and made into a movie feature in 2013. Much drama came across for this movie to be made, taking about 3 decades for the novelist to finally give away his creative control to Gavin Hood, the screenwriter and the eventual director of the film.

Despite not reaching much of the critical success as Ready: Player One, Ender’s Game is a note-worthy film to watch. That is, if you haven’t already. For this, we must not give way to our biases and compare it to its novel counterpart. If we do that, we will not enjoy the movie as much because let’s face it, the novel was breathtaking.

What I liked about it the most is its character-driven portrayal in the film.

My E-book, Printed Book Dilemma


I had always been kind of a reluctant writer back in the day. I thought that my book was going to sell by itself. And, for years and years, I thought of it that way. I never thought about publicity that much and or catering to the right crowd who would even be interested in the genre I wrote in.

But, as I get more and more in tune to the realities of the book industry, I realized that it is actually a writer’s only hope in ever selling a book or two.

Back in the day, I blogged about Asian Athletes. And, boy! It was tiring. Yes, I did find a readership base, but research and watching sports everyday really got exhausting. You may think that there aren’t many Asian Athletes out there. Well, that is a myth. There are, and, boy! It is tiring doing a dedication site with all updates, stats, etc. You name it. Yes, it helped me sell some books to a certain degree, but I found myself in a very tiring situation. I had no time to really do anything. All I did was watch sports, blogged sports, and kept updates on Asian Athletes.

So, if there is anyone out there who would want to try blogging about sports, I must say that it will be a task that you will probably be overwhelmed in shortly.

After my somewhat long stint in the sports world, I realized that I really didn’t learn much. Sure, it was fun and I had some readers out there who kept subscriptions to the site, but writing-wise, it didn’t make me better.

So, after all that, here I am. I finally released my book on e-book to make it easier for people to read anywhere. Waiting just sucks. I still don’t have enough data on how that will pan out, but I know for sure that some of my readers here had bought my book on e-book.

I would like to take the time to thank you.

Meanwhile, this gal is one of my favorite singers:

The Hardest Thing About Editing


As the editing of my new novel is progressing, I found myself erasing a lot of pages totally. The hardest thing to do is letting go of a smart joke or a great scene, as I thought it was when first writing it.

I was distraught about having to erase 2 pages earlier because as I discovered it was a total useless scene about the supporting character that didn’t push the story forward. I found myself having erased nearly 20 pages over that last couple of days, either by changing the lines of dialogue, shortening the scene, and or deleting even an entire dramatic scene. And, my novel is just getting shorter and shorter.

Letting go of these scenes were difficult to do, but they do not advance the story so they were rather useless, therefore, had to be erased.

I need to listen to a soothing song, I think. All this editing is making me anxious.

I Can’t Sleep


Frustrated by the recent edit of my new novel, I spent some time watching some Baseball game on television. I am quite bothered by finding an old short story I had written a while back. It is simple, but I believe is a very powerful story worth sharing to the world. I just have to make a couple of tweaks and it could be acceptable.

I can’t really remember why I wrote the story, but I do know that I must have been quite frustrated or angry that day. But, it turns out that what I wrote that day, was something I never tried before.

I hope to finish a second draft of the story within the week. This, while editing my new novel, which seems to be taking forever.

Short Story Publishing


As I was taking a break and doing some cleaning, I found an old journal inside a tote box, and, in the journal, I came across a short story I wrote about 5 years ago. I am thinking about self-publishing it, but I am hesitant on how people would react to such a short story.

Is there anyone out there who has experience in this? Is under 20 pages too short to ask people to pay $.99 for? I ask this because I had never written something so short before and my manuscripts are always somewhere in the 164-300 pages range.

Do people even like reading short stories these days?

Anyway, I love this song…..