Status: Writing


For as long as I could remember, I had always dabbled in writing one way or another. It may have been writing assignments in school: junior high  school, high school, and college. I may have somewhat been forced to for that matter, but for some reason, it just connected with me. It was the only thing that I never got bored with all throughout high school. Writing, that is.

Then, there was college.

Much of what I learned about writing came from Film School, a screenplay pedigree one can say. For that matter, this could explain why my stories have somewhat been pretty fast paced. I don’t like boring my readers with a lot of mumbo-jumbo. In Film School, they teach you that if you haven’t grabbed the reader by 10 pages, you should re-write the whole thing. But, that’s screenwriting. As much as many would not admit it, screenwriting and novel-writing are 2 different things. That is like saying oranges and apples taste the same.

In my senior year of college at the university, I discovered that I really didn’t like all the constrictions of the film business. There are many rules that are expected in film – making. And, that was just too harsh of a reality for me to take. So, I gave up writing screenplays and moved into novel-writing, which I enjoy more in a personal level because I get to use my own voice, not having to abide with the strict rules of writing in film school which can make a writer’s voice seem almost robotic.

Is there anyone who can write screenplays and novels and not be distracted by the differences of each writing style?


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