What I hope The Avengers won’t be:


Well, ‘The Avengers: Infinity War’ comes out in theaters April 27, and everyone seems excited. I must admit that I am a bit excited myself because I absolutely loved ‘The Black Panther’ earlier this year; however, the problem I have when there are too many characters involved in the plot line, it tends to be a bit of a buddy-buddy film in which film makers and screenwriters assume that everyone who watches the movie already knows who these guys are. Well, some people, especially those who are not as akin to the marvel universe, will get lost in translation.


I  hope that this film somehow introduces a speckle of each superhero’s origin. For instance, a little of Iron Man’s origin story, The Black Panther’s story in 1 minute, the others, etc…. Most of all, I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


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