Film School Will Make You Humble

Many of my readers know, those who had followed me from my days that I had changed blog site contents more than I am proud to say, that I was a Film Major in college. That is a given.

When I first got into college, I thought I was pretty slick and one of the greatest screenwriters of all time. It turns out that there were people who took the business seriously more than I did. And, boy! Was I humbled. Many of my classmates just absolutely made me insecure about my own writing skills. Their stories and their love of the craft of film-making and their consistency made me realize that I wasn’t as good of a screenwriter as I thought I was.

The most humbling experience though was not when all the screenplays were due, but instead it was when my film assignments were due. Although there were some students films that seemed amateurish like mine, for example, there were also those that seemed too good to have come from a student director: the sound perfect, the acting superb, the story continuity exquisite. It was a mind-boggling experience that made this one film student humble. But, in response to my newfound humility, it also made me shy to show my own works to my colleagues.

In that sense, it did make me humble, but yet also made me doubtful of my own skills. Only years after Film School did I realize that perhaps my classmates felt the same about their own works: that they themselves had their own insecurities.

The lesson that I learned was that no matter how bad I think my writing could be to me, it doesn’t mean that other people won’t appreciate it. It’s all about perspective. Don’t be shy. Being timid never got anybody anywhere.


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