Acting and Film School

If you think acting is easy, you are wrong.

Acting is one of the most underrated professions, I believe, in the world today. It is demanding and many people break down and just downright give up. You have to abide with the directions of the movie director, and, sometimes, producers as well. You have to remember the lines and make it flow within the scene so that the words don’t sound rehearsed.

Sounds simple, right?


I found out in Film School.

One assignment required me to duplicate a bridge scene from a movie. I can’t seem to recall the name of the movie right now. It has been a long time and I have lost much of the projects that I worked on in college. I have 2 of the screenplays that I wrote though, which I found from a pile of manuscripts that I planned to shred. Thankfully, I realized that indeed they were the screenplays that I wrote in school. If not, I would have regretted it greatly because a piece of my history would have been lost forever. Hehe……

Well, back to my acting experiences. Anyway, the remake of the film scene went well, but it still didn’t help me with my bad acting. I just couldn’t get it. But, the project got turned it. I passed the class barely, as I remembered.

I found the whole acting process, boring, monotonous, and controlling. Anyone who can do the same scene over and over again must indeed have an iron will.

Ever since Film School, I had newfound respect for actors because it ain’t easy to do: acting, that is.


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