Appreciating Jackie Chan

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I grew up loving films as a young kid by watching Jackie Chan movies. It is actually quite amazing how anyone who doesn’t even need to do those things himself because there are body doubles, can be brave enough to do these stunts himself. I mean, he did some pretty crazy stunts and almost died several times just to entertain people. What a guy…..

There are other people who do stunts in Hong Kong, Hollywood, and everyone knows Thailand’s Tony Jaa. But, Jackie Chan just took everything to the next level. He jumped into boats and jumped building to building. He even fell from a tree. Many actors who suffered these kinds of injuries would have stopped doing so long, long time ago, but not Jackie. He is the epiphany of tough and guts. I had wished that he would never get old, but that would never happen.

The good thing is that he did make a lot of movies over the years and it would take probably close to 2 months if one should binge watch them. Just joking.

If Jackie Chan does read this, I would like to tell him, “Thank You, Mister Chan for all your hard work. I am your fan forever.”


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