Baseball, my other love


On my spare time, when I’ve had enough writing for a single day, I watch Baseball on T.V. I try to catch the Yankees on T.V. I am not from New York for that matter. It just so happens to be the team that was winning a lot when I was growing up. I idolized the envy that they brought to other teams. I saw them as role models because I wanted to be a winner and they personified that for me at the time. ‘Til this day, I remain a Yankee fan even though they are not as good as they were. Keep in mind that I respect all teams. I just love baseball in general. And, I wouldn’t mind watching any team that is on television just for leisure of a great time.

I actually wrote a screenplay about Baseball back in the day in Film School. I don’t know where it actually is. If I find it, I will post a couple of pages here. That is, if I find it. Actually, remembering that I did write a screenplay about a baseball player inspired this post. It has to be in the pile of papers I still have somewhere. The question is where. I sure wasn’t organized. I might still have the USB that I saved the file in. It was poorly written because I crammed it with only about 5 days until the project was due.

A documentary about one of my most favorite players of all time: The Great Hank Aaron.





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