My first year in film school

It was a very confusing time of my life as a student. I had entered a major university and became a film student. On top of that, the professors were very honest and they tell you that there is a high failure rate in the industry. I mean, the majority of students not being able to land a gig in the industry ever.

Being a writer at heart, I was not your prototypical film student. I rarely participated in extracurricular activities. I did my assignments and went on with my daily routines. I learned how to edit films, use proper film angles, and how to gather a film team, etc. But, in the end of the day, I was a story-teller. I was just happy sitting on a chair or sofa for hours writing a screenplay or story. Going out on the hot outdoors sweating just wasn’t for me.

By the time I discovered that film wasn’t truly my passion, I was a semester away from earning my degree. I actually still have some of my old textbooks and story boards in my drawer. It brings back a lot of memories. That’s for sure.

I had not taken the route of majoring in English. Sometimes I do wonder: what if? I could have been an English professor, for all I know.

For those who do take the path of taking film seriously, all I could say is to do it with all your heart and put in great effort to constantly improve your film skills because one of you is the next Steven Spielberg.


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