Working on releasing my 2nd novel


For the last couple of days, I’ve actually stopped writing a new manuscript and decided to work on editing the new novel that I want to release. I am thinking about sending it to traditional publishers, but I am also thinking that it will probably take forever before it can get published because the process itself takes a long time. I don’t think I could wait that long.

I will eventually try to publish the traditional way, with a bit of backing from publishers. I just haven’t really tried. I just like to write. Never really thought about it.

So, hopefully, when I am satisfied with my final edit, I will publish a new book.

Hint: If you liked ‘The Prince of the Shadow Warriors’, you will like my new novel even better. If you are a Martial Arts fan or a Martial Artist, you will probably be interested in reading it too.


11 thoughts on “Working on releasing my 2nd novel

      1. Lots of things can change in 11 years. The Prince of the Shadow Warriors was something I wrote when I was a college student. The one I am thinking of releasing is a story I wrote about 5 years ago. The recent one is a little more sophisticated. It is dramatic romance and is a lot more challenging to write. I have written lots of stories of the years, but had never tried to promote myself as a writer until just recently.


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