Editing and Lessons Learned



Well, I had spent the whole day today practically editing my new book. One of the lessons I learned from my first book release is to keep the editing process more seriously. This time around, I edited 10 pages of unnecessary sequences and mumbo-jumbo. What would have been page 50 is now page 40.

I had also written a mystery manuscript some time ago which could be made into a book series, if I choose. But, it is not like I’ve reached a critical point in my writing career that I could actually write full time.

I would like that.

I just have so much stories that I want to tell, but unfortunately, not yet enough time to write them all. I had conformed to everyday life in the last 11 years, going to school, going to work, and relaxing on my free time. It is only now that I had taken effort to pen these stories and pay much attention to them.

I’ve heard from many that the fun really doesn’t begin until your second novel is released. Well, I have been working on my second novel, making sure that I do not make the same mistakes I did with my first one 11 years ago. Though my readers are small in numbers, some have approached me and gave me better than expected reviews. That, I wrote as a student in Film 11 years ago. Shewwww! That was a long time ago. I can’t believe it.

I feel old!

I do think, however, that my next novel will be my last (at least for the time being) in the action/martial arts genre. I have since moved to romantic comedy, and, as aforementioned, mystery.

Just a little something to watch: who doesn’t know Bruce Lee? In the martial arts world, practically, no one has not heard his name.


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