My E-book, Printed Book Dilemma


I had always been kind of a reluctant writer back in the day. I thought that my book was going to sell by itself. And, for years and years, I thought of it that way. I never thought about publicity that much and or catering to the right crowd who would even be interested in the genre I wrote in.

But, as I get more and more in tune to the realities of the book industry, I realized that it is actually a writer’s only hope in ever selling a book or two.

Back in the day, I blogged about Asian Athletes. And, boy! It was tiring. Yes, I did find a readership base, but research and watching sports everyday really got exhausting. You may think that there aren’t many Asian Athletes out there. Well, that is a myth. There are, and, boy! It is tiring doing a dedication site with all updates, stats, etc. You name it. Yes, it helped me sell some books to a certain degree, but I found myself in a very tiring situation. I had no time to really do anything. All I did was watch sports, blogged sports, and kept updates on Asian Athletes.

So, if there is anyone out there who would want to try blogging about sports, I must say that it will be a task that you will probably be overwhelmed in shortly.

After my somewhat long stint in the sports world, I realized that I really didn’t learn much. Sure, it was fun and I had some readers out there who kept subscriptions to the site, but writing-wise, it didn’t make me better.

So, after all that, here I am. I finally released my book on e-book to make it easier for people to read anywhere. Waiting just sucks. I still don’t have enough data on how that will pan out, but I know for sure that some of my readers here had bought my book on e-book.

I would like to take the time to thank you.

Meanwhile, this gal is one of my favorite singers:


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