Can’t Stand The Heat



As some of you know, I do have the craving for Romance novels lately. It has been pretty reachable for me because I have been using my Kindle a lot more than I had in the past because I just love the feel of turning the page of a physical book.  But, now, Kindle is like the new thing for me.

The novel that I had just finished was written by Peggy Jaeger, an author that I had found in, you guessed it: Twitter, on one of those Shout My Book posts. There are several reasons why I have been reading works in the romance genre. But one reason is that I am starting to integrate myself in the genre as I myself am writing a romantic/drama piece. I have been writing action/adventure and mysteries for awhile that I had never ventured in the romance genre before.

What better way to learn than from the best in the genre? And, Peggy Jaeger is one of the best. I love her writing so much that I can’t wait to read another one of her novels.

First, as a Film Major, the main character’s profession of executive show producer hooked me. Normally, because it brought back a few memories of my production classes about 12 years ago. Second, I just love the main character, Stacy Peters. Actually, I was enticed immediately by her strong personality from the first page.

“Can’t Stand The Heat” is a love story that just keeps you hooked. Her crisp setting descriptions make it so that you actually feel that you are standing beside the characters as they slowly develop feelings for one another.

As you already know, I don’t like to spoil anything for readers and prospected audience of a new movie, so I will not go in further detail about the novel. But, I can tell you this: I love “Can’t Stand The Heat”.


One thought on “Can’t Stand The Heat

  1. Can I just say Oh. My. Friggin’. LORD!!! Thank you seem so unworthy and totally inadequate for your amazing blog post abt my book. WOWZA says it better for me!!! HEEHEE. Holy Cow, I just read it again and all I can say is this THIS is the power of marketing over social media. So, yay Twitter.
    YOu just made my mother’s day and you aren’t even my child…

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