Show Dogs


Show Dogs couldn’t have picked a worst time to open than May 18th, only because it is the same day “Deadpool 2” opened. As you can imagine, the theater was all full when I went in today to see “Show Dogs”. I mean, the theater was packed and 95% of the people were there to see “Deadpool 2″…..

I didn’t follow the pack and decided to watch “Show Dogs” instead. I will, to be honest with you, somehow watch “Deadpool 2” in the future. Maybe even tomorrow, if somehow a friend calls me up and tells me he or she wants to watch the movie that bad.

I was in the theater and there were 8 people in the showing of Show Dogs at 1:30 pm. Maybe, I should’ve watched the other movie instead, I thought. But, as the movie went on, I found myself laughing and enjoying it. So, yeah, if you want a family movie rather than an ‘R’ rated gory film, “Show Dogs” is not a bad alternative.


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