Kindle Formatting Is Tricky

amazon-kindle-3-2I am trying to format my texts to kindle myself and I have some problems with it. Much of the texts look good, but somehow some of the first words of a paragraph gets indented one space further than some of the first words of the majority of the paragraphs. I just don’t know why it does that.

When I look at the texts on my open office writing program and my Microsoft word program from my really old laptop, it looks good, so there must be something else wrong. I tried some of the tutorials on youtube, which helped, but the paragraphs still had the same problem, which really placed me on square one once again.

It is getting a bit frustrating, but I will try to somehow fix the problems so I can publish the story within a week. I will mostly get used to the process as I share more of my fiction stories to the world, but right now, all I can say is: kindle formatting is tricky.


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