The Science-Fiction Experiment

I guess it can be concluded that keeping up with a blog can be challenging at times. I do, in my mind, sometimes just forget about blogging. It’s not that easy keeping up with the times. Working and writing is strenuous and I find myself just napping after a long day at work. I forget about blogging.

I have, however, been doing some writing. I decided to adopt writing a story all in pen and paper to get back to my roots. My writing career has gotten a bit stagnant and I must re-evaluate my approach to writing in order to have more a sustainable writing career.

I am trying a stint in Science-Fiction. I actually had the idea for the story a long time ago. I never attempted the unfamiliar genre(at least to me) because of my fear of crossing over to a different genre. But, right now, I will be ready to go for it. Why not?

I must really catch up with some Science-Fiction books, but movie-wise, my favorite Sci-Fi film is “The Fifth Element”…..


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