Finding It Hard To Balance


I moved my blog to WordPress in hopes of writing more blog entries. I was able to do so at first, but I then found myself ignoring it once again. Unintentionally, of course. I have been so busy juggling all these other things that when I do think about writing what is on my mind, I am too tired to do so.

Balancing writing and other things proved to be tougher than I had expected. I guess. I do have multiple interests such as learning how to speak Spanish. This is, of course, by choice. No one is making me do it. I would love to travel a lot in the future and many of those places I want to travel to happen to be Spanish speaking countries.

I am still working on my Romance novel. I haven’t made much progress with it, having written only 5 pages in the last week. I have been experimenting with a different approach to writing. As to how successful it would become, well, only the future can foretell.

Have a great day to all.


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