Why Sears Bankruptcy Is Breaking My Heart

There was once a time when the majority of people actually went to places to shop. And, one of those places was Sears. I remember the good ‘ole days and I’m not even old. I loved that personal experience where I can actually shop for everything. And, that peace of mind to get my watch fixed when it needs fixing. It is something that online shopping can never ever compensate for.

Or even simply being a bystander watching a dad buy his son a suit for prom. And, to watch that kid hug his father for helping him pick the perfect suit for a date.

And, these were fond memories I had at Sears.

It is that personal experience that can not be replaced.

It is so heartbreaking that it has now gotten to a point of no return. Sears has announced that it has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

I do hope that there is a miracle out there to save this company. For it to go all the way down would be a lost part of American identity, a part of American culture for 125 years. I would hate for it to fold.

There are other stores like Sears. But, the thing is: they are not Sears.




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